Pedal 1U - SOLVED

Hello. I have used several Intellijel modules in 1U and standard formats and so far had encountered no issue.

In order to benefit from my guitar pedals, I have acquired this week the “Pedal I/O 1U” and the “Pedal I/O 1U JACKS”, both ordered first-hand from two different stores (respectively Modularsquare and Thomann). I own an Eowave case which has a 1U row but no hardwired jacks output.

I have connected the “Pedal 1U” to the “Jacks 1U” using the provided 3-wire link cable, as demonstrated in the manual. Then I powered the “Pedal 1U” to the case and mounted the ensemble on on the rack.

I tried to send an oscillator voice into the Pedal 1U’s “IN”, took the “MIX” output to my Intellijel “Audio I/O” which outputs to my audio interface. I took the Jacks 1U’s “Send” to a powered guitar pedal, then back to Jacks 1U’s “Return” output, using only 1/4 TS jacks.

I tried different guitar pedals (“KMA Minos”, “Chase Bliss Thermae”, “Walrus Audio Phaser”), different settings on the “Pedal 1U”, but the result is always the same : I only get a highly distorded buzz sound that has nothing to do with the incoming oscillation of the modular synth. I can interact with that ugly buzz with the “Pedal 1U” knobs, but I will not get any of the desired effect of my pedals. When the pedals are off, the buzz is a bit softer, but keeps on going on as long as “MIX” is not full CCW.

I made sure that my pedals and jacks work well with a traditionnal guitar and amp. I also tried to demount and remount the module, including the 3-wire link cable.

Would anyone have a solution about this ?


Update : Intellijel confirmed me that my “Jacks 1U” has a deficiency ; problem solved.