PE-1 disassembly

Has anyone on here disassembled a PE-1 to fit on the side of their case instead? Is it quite straightforward to remove the components from the panel?

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Judging from the appearance of the components in photos, they are easy to remove - the jack unscrews, and the switch casing has some plastic tabs on the sides that you pinch to free the switch. However, I believe that type of switch is only made to attach to metal panels, so if you’re planning on building your own case out of (thicker) wood, you might have to buy a new switch. Or, you can cut a hole in the wood, and attach the entire module to it.

Thanks - my case is already built, i’m replacing my old power and wanting to install the TPS80W instead. But the case is about 1cm thick wood so maybe I’d need to pick up a new switch. If anyone has any recommendations on components, I’d appreciate all hints!

You could replace the rocker switch with a latching or momentary push button switch. Those will screw on, similar to the jack. Hopefully it’s compatible. I’ve seen tons of them on eBay:

If you really want a rocker switch…I don’t know, maybe go through Mouser’s or DigiKey’s websites and see if you can find one similar to the one Make Noise uses on their powered skiff - a round rocker switch in a cylindrical casing.

Thinking cutting a hole in the wood and attaching the 1u module on it would be likely the neatest solution in the end. Thanks for your suggestions!

No problem! I agree that would probably be easist - and I think it would look cool to have the cutaway and the recessed jack/switch, kinda like what Moog does with the Subsequent 37.

Yep exactly! and a secondary thought was that my case is right on the edge of the cabin luggage width, and if ever i choose to fly with it its nice to have not added more width!

The power brick outputs 15V and up to 6 amps, so you want to get a switch rated for that. But any kind of SPST should work, there’s nothing special about the ones on the PE-1