Palette - need a little help with power draw

I have filled the 12 power slots in my palette and the draw is right around 600 ma. What I was thinking about was taking out one module and possibly adding 2 more in.

Was told I could use a power splitter to the one of the power cables to split the power to 2 modules - is this ok to do, and what connector is recommended if so?

The total of the new modules would be about the same - 602 ma, so im thinking im fine.

Seems like this case has a ton of headroom. I just wanted to check.

Something like this should work:

We have an FAQ entry on adding more headers. I’ll copy/paste it below:

If you need more power connectors you can use a flying bus cable to gain additional headers. However, you may experience more noise than if everything was on the TPS power board itself.

It is also possible to chain together two TPS80W power boards and power them from one power inlet.

Also, be sure to confirm that your power supply will provide enough for all of your modules by comparing its specs with the sum requirement of all your modules. can be a useful resource to determine how much power your modules need.