Palette modification

Hey, i’m wondering how hard it would be to reassign the USB B “midi in” input from the palette as an 1U USB power “du pauvre” (of the poor). The 1U USB power is simple & elegant module (i think) but i’m not sure i’ll ever use the USB B input so instead of leaving it diying i would like to re-use it + the 1U USB is out of stock everywhere atm.

I understand it would void the warranty…
Also it would need a micro USB to USB B cable which aren’t really commons (at least in Europe) but that would be very cool.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think this is possible. USB B connections are usually coming from a host so they don’t typically supply power. However, I suppose with electronics anything is possible but this is well beyond my expertise.

Oh, you might want to check out this thread. It looks like it might be possible with some modification: Intellijel 7u USB B connection powered?

I added a couple comments about this in the linked thread