Palette midi to i2c just friends

Hi everyone, I have a palette case and a Just friends and I was wondering if it’s possibile to use the palette’s usb midi port to send i2c messages to Just friends. Anybody tried something like this?

Made a post about this here:

No guarantees, and could be pretty unstable depending on the length all the cables/modules involved, but see that thread to see if anyone else tried.


I used this diagram to successfully wire up the MIDI jack to the i2c connection on my ER-301. Works as advertised with my 16n controller.


Rad! Any pics of your setup?

A picture from my penultimate gig in 2020, before lockdowns.
Here’s the setup in question, or at least an early variant.
This is in a 4ms Pod 60, before I acquired my Palette. I added a 1/8-I ch TRS jack to the Pod 60 for i2c access.

ER-301, Just Friends, Cold Mac, and Pamela’s New Workout. And, of course, the 16n.
Sorry this isn’t in the Palette…


Thats the Palette, just missing some 1U :wink:

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thanks for the reply!
are you controlling just friends thru i2c as well or just the ER-301?
Would a 16n make sense to control just friends?

@slowwild You’re right, that is the Palette!
So, for this situation, I used some of these jumper wires to connect the i2c of the ER-301 to the TRS MIDI port on the Palette.

@Erekutoronikku i was using the 16N strictly to control parameters on the ER-301. I imagine one could use the 16n to control Just Friends, but it’s my understanding that using something like Monome’s Teletype will allow more complex control, and even allow Just Friends to be a polysynth.

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That’s a lot of patch cables! You trying to do some sort of challenge for how impossibly complex can you make a patch schematic for a palette? :slight_smile:

I’d love to see this setup in action, maybe post a video in #music?

@Steve-the-player That is a lot of cables, to be sure, but the ER-301 can accept a lot of control inputs(4 dedicated trigger/gates, and 12 CV). The Just Friends can also accept a fair number of control inputs as well. Some of the control CV were passed through the Cold Mac, so a few more cables to accomplish that. So, maybe just enough cables…
As for video, I’m not sure I have a video of this config, but I do have recordings of this performance. I’ll look in to posting them this week…

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That’s some pro level patch cable management :clap:

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Thank you for the picture. I have only one question, (perhaps a newbie one) but are you using the MIDI out (trs) from the 16n or the I2c?

I mean, am I able to use a midi device using this technique, connecting through the midi port and then connecting via i2c? Or just I2c devices?

I’m ‘borrowing’ the MIDI TRS connector to connect the 16n I2C output.
In this case the MIDI TRS connector cannot be used for MIDI.
If you needed to use the TRS MIDI connection AND I2C you would have to install a TRS connector on a 1U panel, then wire that to the ER-301, or perhaps get a Telex B to help manage I2C connections. The Telex B might be overkill if you only have one I2C device you want to control.