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first post :slight_smile:

long-time eurorack lurker in general, ready to get my first case and thinking the palette looks like an excellent option. there are of course other bigger and more expensive cases that are very tempting, but the empty rack space is daunting.

the palette seems like it would keep a nice lid on things (no pun intended, lol), allowing me to experiment with a few modules together, and then swap things in and out for experimentation and learning as I acquired more modules. once that was too out of hand i could upgrade to a new case, maybe the 7u. the palette is also a reasonable price

i guess im just wondering about the built in jacks and how they work particularly the LR and USB.

so, if i buy a 1u module compatible with those jacks, it just comes with a cable and i plug it into the jack? sorry for the incredibly noobish question

super excited about getting into eurorack for the first time, thanks guys

Yes, the jacks have their own sockets on the circuit board. It’s all detailed in the Palette Case’s manual.


Ah, thank you

You can always reach out to if you have questions about how Intellijel products work and interconnect.

Planning out a dream system on is a good way to see what kind of configuration you can set up in a Palette. Feel free to share a screenshot of your planned system here or on Facebook groups or whatever if you’re looking for advice with planning it out.

You might also find this article helpful:

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Thanks a lot! :smile:

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I’m in the same case as mattleaf and I was wondering if the palette case would be restocked soon, and if there was a newer and bigger version of the palette coming soon ?

I also would like to have your opinion on this setup for a modular beginner (I only played with synths and semi-modular):

I’m planning to sequence as well using the Octatrack and Keystep, and patch the whole thing with the Behringer Neutron.

I can see the lack of mixer but I was thinking to use the Disting as one when needeed.

Thanks !

Hi Toshota,

I think the next batch of Palettes might be a little ways off because we are waiting for more of the metal bodies to arrive. In the meantime we do have a limited supply of B-stock Palettes available. In my experience the blemishes on these guys are quite minor, so you save a few bucks and still get a full 2-year warranty. Or you could check to track one down.

Nice looking case! Scales Atlantis and Springray are a solid combo. I would maybe opt to go for Duatt and Dual VCA instead of Noise Tools because you have the sample and hold from Atlantis already, although you wouldn’t get the slew. It’s pretty essential to have an attenuator with Scales.

You might also not need µMIDI since you have a Keystep, and you could run the Octatrack MIDI through that, but it would be more convenient to have µMIDI.

Thanks Scott for your tips !

I chose the noise tools to have mostly a clock source for Scales when I’m not in my studio (I travel a lot for my job). You’re right, I might swap the µMIDI for another module. Can you explain why it is essential to have an attenuator with Scales please?

Scales can take a huge voltage range of +/- 10 V, so unless you want your melodies to span 10 octaves using an attenuator can limit the input to make those incoming voltages more musical.

I give a better explanation in this video:

Thanks, that’s a very clear explanation !

I changed the rack so now there are the Duatt and Dual VCA. Then I swapped the Springray for the Digiverb, so now I have room for the uFold and another Disting.

I tried to make this rack focused around the Atlantis and Scales, with a lot of room for experimentation. What do you think ?

Personally, I would opt to put Quadrax or maybe Planar 2 in the right hand 14HP instead of µFold and the 2 Distings. I also might swap the Headphones and Dual VCA for Stereo Line Out 1U and FSR, but at the end of the day it’s your case!

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Looks like a fun box! You may want to consider having a clock source with Scales to drive it as a sequencer. Maybe swap out the ZeroScope and Dual VCA for a Noise Tools 1U, I feel like the noise, slew, and random/clock will get you pretty far in a stand alone machine.

Consider that you can also use one of the noise outputs through an attenuator/offset as a random source for melodies through scales, use the pulse output to clock, or trigger Scales randomly, and put the pitch output through the slew to get the glide effect. You can use both Pitch outputs with Atlantis, and make a Paraphonic voice :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips ! Sorry to bother you with that, can you explain this paraphonic patch ? By both pitch output do you mean the out A and out B ? And where do you connect these outputs to ? One goes to the VCO 1V/oct but the other one ? To the VCF 1V/oct as it can self oscillate ?

Yes to out A and B. The Atlantis modulator can act as a second VCO and has its own 1V/OCT input as well. Its located in the same top row as the VCO one, roughly in the center of the row with the modulator jacks. All this Atlantis talk is making me miss mine dearly. Such a well designed voice with neat tricks up its sleeve like this.


@CaptainRockout hit the nail on the head, but you’re right @Toshota, you could also use the filter self oscillating as a 1v/Oct VCO.


Or even all three! :smiley:


Another option I am considering is a case from elsewhere, but utilizing the Intellijel power bus which has a good reputation.

I see the 30w is out of stock, but the 80w is available. What’s the difference here? Any reason to go for one over the other, or is the 80w a newer model? I also note the power switch modules which appear handy (and come with the Pallette or performance case obviously)

Hopefully this isn’t too off topic…

edit : apologies Toshota that wasnt meant to be a direct reply, more of a general question to the thread

80W has more power than the 30W. if you’ve got a lot of power hungry digital modules it could be a better choice. The specs are on our website.

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Obligatory; get a bigger case!
Just kidding and welcome :wink:

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