Palette case DIY stand/cover for transport

I recently made a cover/stand for my Palette case and thought I would share my idea.
On my desk I use it as a stand to lift and angle the palette case and then for transport in a backpack it works as a cover held on by a Velcro strap.
I was going for minimal size so didn’t leave room to transport it patched, but you could easily make it deeper to do so.
Easily transports in a backpack with laptop, mini key controller and the palette case.


pretty sweet, thanks for sharing! What material and how did you make it? Would like something similar, since the Intellijel cover and bag are too bulky for my needs. Mostly need something that protects from dust, maybe with a little bit of padding.

Would love some “little feet” to make my palette stand at 45 degrees on my desk. Something along the lines of the 4u joiner plates, perhaps retractable?

It would be nice if someone could fabricate new side plates that have built-in legs like the 7U case. Right now, I’m just using a crappy $5 plastic IKEA tablet stand that flexes a little too much whenever I plug a patch cable into a 1U module or mult.

I just used a nice quality 1/2” plywood scrap that I had then just measured, cut, nailed, glued to size.
Whole project was just a few hours of work and maybe $20 in material.
You wouldn’t need any padding the way I built it.
The lid only makes contact with the out edges of the pallete case and I left about 1/8” clearance for the module knobs so the case does not contact any module.

I really like the aesthetic of this:

if only the screw holes where at the right place for the palette case.

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