Palette Case and After Later Audio Threads

I have two 104HP Palette cases, and I cannot get my After Later Audio 1U Threads module to connect to the cases’ MIDI headers.

I returned the first module I bought, as it was one of the defective units, but I confirmed with Lenny at ALA that the replacement model was not one of the defective ones. I have connected it properly to the Palette’s 10-pin MIDI header.

At this point, I’m just trying to send my Digitakt’s clock to the module. It works fine if I connect through the Threads module’s MIDI in jack on the panel, but I get nothing at all if I try to go through the case’s connector to the back of the module.

Any ideas?

Do you know which type of TRS MIDI the Threads expects? Their product page doesn’t specify…

Yes, the Threads expects Type B (and the Palette case, Type A). Threads works just fine if I patch a Type B DIN TRS adapter into its panel jack.

Where it fails is when I try to use the DIN MIDI in from the Palette case and connect through the back of Threads.

Apologies for a dumb question, but is it possible to reverse the orientation of the cable connection to Threads?

Not dumb at all, as yes, the user could reverse it, but I did not here.

The Palette’s board has a 10-pin shrouded connector which must be connected to the 8 pins on the back of the Threads. The classic “white line” on the PCB identifies the pair that must match the red wire in the ribbon.