Palette 62 MIDI USB Not Working

I’m having an issue with my Palette 62 where the MIDI USB in jack on the case doesn’t do anything. The MIDI TRS jack works just fine, as evidence by the clock working on the MIDI 1U (which is patched to Steppy 1U): I can visually see that working.

But when I connect over USB, nothing ever happens. It doesn’t get recognized by the config app, by a DAW, it doesn’t even light up the port on my powered USB hub. Seems like that jack is busted or something, what gives?

Please reach out to

That doesn’t bode well. Any chance we can do this in the open for future customers hitting the same problem? Are you opposed to transparency?

Hi @brandonaaskov

We prefer to take care of our tech support via e-mail. That way user error issues don’t create false alarms with products. There’s also sometimes a lot of necessary back and forth questions and answers to rule out other potential causes. In your case it’s possibly a hardware issue that will have to be repaired as I have come across a similar problem before.

Also, have you tried another USB cable?

Best customer support is to email the manufacturer. If you get no response then try the forums.

Intellijel is always quick and helpful. They even followed up recently with an issue I had over a year ago that I never got back to them about.


I did try multiple USB cables, and I checked all my connections repeatedly. I’ll follow up with support, thanks all.