Palette 4U Joiner Plates

I just bought my first Palette 4U 62hp case and am already planning to buy another and join them vertically. Looking on the net I see what appear to be the older style 4U joiner plates still being stocked by some dealers. I say that these are older style due to the fact that they are pictured with the earlier 4U design and the mounting holes appear to be in a different location than what would be required for the current cases. Added to that —- the Intellijel site ONLY lists the 7U joiner plates in the Accessories section as an option. Can someone tell me the current status of 4U joiner plates for the current cases?

I started out in the MOTM format, migrated to Modcan A, and finally to Eurorack. I really like the small 4U 62hp concept because it is the perfect size for creating ‘sub-modulars’ that can be broken out of a larger rig for specialized uses. One 62hp Palette makes an awesome coffee shop modular. I would also be great to see a horizontal joining option for the smaller Palettes.

The 4U Joiner Plates were made for the original, and now discontinued 4U cases. They are not compatible with the new Palette cases. Currently there is no joiner system for the Palette cases but I have seen some users make desktop stands to support multiple Palettes or a Palette and a 7U.