Old/new performance case and Joiner plates

First time post. Searched the forum. Didn’t find an answer. Sorry if repost.

Perhaps a stupid question, bear with me if so. I have a 7u 84 hp (silver) performance case (old version), and I’m thinking about buying another one, but the new version. Found it listed second hand. Still 7u 84hp, but in stealth black, and as I wrote - the new version.

So, to the question: will I be able to join them together with the Joiner plates, or has something changed concerning the dimensions?

As far as I know the only new additions to the new case are the plastic bumpers on the lid, the disposition of midi and audio in/out and the power supply.

That’s correct, the v1 and v2 cases share the same body dimensions, hinged feet, midi board and joiner slots.

The main difference is the audio jacks board, but the newest cases use black power supplies with shrouded headers while the oldest ones used green boards without shrouded headers.

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Perfect, that’s what I thought and hoped for. I got your mail, by the way. Thanks for the very fast reply!


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No worries Joakim!