OK to add some Intellijel modules documentation to SynthModes?


I run a small website and iOS app called Synth Modes (synthmodes.com). It’s mobile-friendly cheat sheets. The data that powers the app and website is open sourced at https://github.com/boourns/synthmodes.

I would like to add some Intellijel modules to the database, but for example with ShapeShifter I would really want to be able to reproduce the wavetable list and images in a similar format to the original manual. It would be tough to do this without directly copying the PDF as a source (I really don’t want to have to sample single cycles from the module to get their images… please :slight_smile: )

The cheat sheet would also cover the various combo modes, mod A/B routing, etc. I have a vested interest here since my little Intellijel 104hp x 4u case is centered around the Shapey!

I sent an email to support last year asking about this and never received a response.

Would that be ok?


Just responded to your message.

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Thank you so much Danjel!

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Please let us know when the Shapeshifter cheat sheet is complete! Will you be doing Rainmaker as well?

Great service! Thanks for creating the cheat sheets!

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I’m about halfway done now, but haven’t dealt with the wavetables which I suspect will take the longest amount of time.

My priorities are usually twofold: modules people ask me for most frequently, and modules I happen to own. Rainmaker is not high on the list currently, but I may end up documenting Scales soon as it’s in my case :slight_smile:

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I finished the Shapeshifter manual this morning. I won’t be releasing a new app version for a few weeks as I want to add a few more modules to the next release.

But the web version is live!

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