Octatrack as Sequencer/Master Clock for Modular?

Anyone else do this? I’m working up a live solo bass thing, playing bass into my Octatrack as well as a Morphagene and Nebulae v2. The idea being to play live into the samplers, mangle them into weird shapes, then sample back into the OT. In my head it sounds awesome :slight_smile:
Would the 1U umidi work well to make my Octatrack a midi sequencer for the Morphagene and Nebulae? Easy enough set up?
I’m totally new to this, but I think it could be cool as I’ve done something similar in the past using an Octatrack and a pedalboard, but feel like a cool modular rig could be even better.
Thanks for any advice!

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I use my OT with µMIDI quite often. I actually used it for a few of the µMIDI tutorial videos. Parameter locking CC and Mod to control stuff with CV is a lot of fun.

It’s quite easy to set up with the MIDI learn function. Only thing to be aware of is that it’s monophonic midi only, you you wont be able to send more than one note and melody at a time.

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Thanks, Scott! I figured it one be only one track at a time, but it’s one more than I have now :slight_smile:
I’m also using cv and gate from my Elektron Analog Four, so there’s a bit more sequencing power.

Nice! The A4 CV track works really well too…

It does work well! Was just hoping to streamline a bit since what I’m working on at the moment is just playing live bass into modular, sampling loops with the Octatrack, then keep stacking. Trying to work up a performance piece using only bass guitar. Doing crap like this at the moment…