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Octatrack and uMidi


O M G! Yes… Sorry:) I have used this machines for years and still. Thanks ever so much.


Was that it? A mute or solo?


Mute… Again, sorry for this:))


Lol, no worries! I’m always glad to hear when it’s a simple solution, but I know how frustrating that sort of thing can be…


Now I just have to sell it to get the 1U version since I just bought your big case:joy:


Nice! That’s a great way to free up some 3U space…


Hey, almost afraid to ask something again… :slight_smile: BUT, I have been spending a LOT of time trying to get my modules working in the new 7U/104HP (excellent) case of yours. Half of my modules will not work but when I put them back in my old case they do. I notice that lights for -12v and -5v are lit in the new case but not +12v. In my old case -12v and +12v are lit.



Hmmm… that’s not good.

If you take out all your modules do all three LEDs light? If not, then the board is blown and needs to be repaired. If they do, then you’ll need to add one module at a time until you can determine which one is shorting things out.


Have disconnected every module and put them back several times during the last days with no result. Now when I did it I must have used some other positions because now it all works! Can there maybe be a bad connector (do not know the name) on the board? No module shortcut the board when I tried one at a time.
But the modules lit up like a christmas tree this time:)


Oh good! Yeah taking them all out then putting them back in one at a time can often find or solve the problem. Sometimes you just manage to put in a ribbon cable the wrong way and it throws everything off. At least it sounds like nothing was damaged.

Happy wiggling!


Everything is great. Now I will go spending to much money on fun modules😀 Have a nice Christmas.