Nuts for 7U Audio Jacks Board V2

Does anybody know what type/size of nut fits on these 1/4" jacks?

Seems like Intellijel uses Neutrik, so maybe these:

Thanks @zilvar.
Pretty annoying that the nuts arent included with 7U Audio Jacks Board V2.
Now I have to make a Mouser order… “Death by Shipping Charges”.

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If you bought the board from us, it should have come with the nuts and washers. Contact and we will send you a set.

The Audio Jacks Board v2 does not come with the nuts and washers by default, but if you request them in the notes when you place your order they will be included.

I bought mine from Perfect Circuit and it did not come with nuts. I used two from my performance case as I was installing the board in a custom wood case. I guess it would be good to get a full set at some point.

Please send your address and phone number to

I ordered them online. Agreed they should be included as standard.

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Aren’t they 3/8-24 like all phone jacks? (and BNC jacks)

EDIT: I like big honkin nuts

Hmmm, bought two of these from Animato Audio, and they didn’t show up with nuts either. Checked the manual and no mention of this. Could you guys give us the specs/part no. of the nuts we should use? I live in India, so specifications would be better, as specific linked items may not be available here. Thanks!

Hey please hit up and we can try to figure this one out for you!

Email sent !