Not enough recognition for uMidi

In their last issue. MusicTech Magazine talk about DAW integration and Midi to CV interface. It is a shame they didn’t mention uMidi. It supports everything that was mentioned in this article : USB, midi, clock out, divides clock out, velocity, etc.
At least DAW users like me who own a uMidi know that it’s an essential module. :blush:


We appreciate the appreciation!!! :slight_smile:

I agree. It’s great!
So nice I bought a 2nd one.
Not just for software DAW too. I send clock to uMIDI from Elektron Machinedrum so the uMIDI can clock eurorack stuff (and Volcas and Beatstep Pro) synced to the MD.
I could also of course send MIDI note or CC data from the MD but I haven’t done that.