Normalizing Between Modules?

I have some 4ms stuff. It’s okay. Functionality is mostly there, but their stuff is either really basic or super complex and expensive. The front panel aesthetics aren’t really there either. But there’s one thing that makes them my go to brand for a certain kind of ease of use.

External normalling.

Basically what this means is that modules from 4ms company all use a full 16-pin connector on all of their modules. What this means is that they can send and receive master clock signals to other modules, no patching required. This uses the gate rail. As far as I know, nothing really uses the CV rail just below it.

Can intellijel modules send or receive clocks from the gate rail on the power boards?

Also, what about the cv rail? I would love to send either volt/octave to all of my oscillators or to some other cv control such as filters. This brings me to a problem: having a clock on the gate rails is fine. Most of my modules can divide clocks on their own. But I would love to use the cv rails for full normalling. V/oct for oscillators, then specify to send audio to say a mixer, filter, vca setup. Basically transform it into a semi-modular synth. It’s possible with multiple power boards, or with a custom power board and some modifications to modules. Can intellijel do this?

Is there anyone out there who would be willing and/or able to do this. I want to build my synths from the ground up, but I have no experience in circuitry. So modifying either the power board (to split it into basically multiple boards) or the modules by myself is out of the question. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d appreciate it greatly!

At this point as far as I know, there are no Intellijel modules that use the CV or gate rails on the power boards.