Noob to Metropolix

I had been waiting for midi on Metropolix and now it’s here I purchased a unit - had to look hard to find one in Canada. I live in Sydney, Australia.

My question is this, if I purchase a powered enclosure to hold the Metropolix, is there any additional items I need to connect the midi from the USB header on the back of the unit to my Ableton? I want to get as small a desktop enclosure as possible, but if I need some additional utility I need to know now so I am prepared for day 1.

Thanks for any advice. My mate says “buy a big case, you’re going to need it”. I just want to sequence some VSTs, maybe my hardware synths alongside my polyend seq.

You either need this or just a usb cable hanging out of your Mx

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Oh ok, I didn’t think I needed that, thought I could just connect from the base of Metropolix to my laptop.

I did see the expander option, you buy the pair. A smaller plate and the longer one. Could be useful!


The USB Extender is not required, just convenient.

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Thanks. I just watched (Intellijel Metropolix 1.4 USB MIDI × Ableton Live Stream - YouTube) on the 1.4 release and noted in the comment…


which answers my question.