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Noise Tools 1U power connector/cable orientation issue

I recently bought a Noise Tools 1U (very nice module, though the slew range is a bit limited) . One thing that I found super annoying when installing it is that the power connector is on the top of the PCB and oriented in such a way that the cable goes up and thus bumps against the rails right away. It took me some time to be able to fit the thing nicely, I didn’t have that issue with any other module (1U or 3U).

It would be a good idea to check this for all modules, 1U is a bit cramped so this can easily become a problem…

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Was trying to find info on this. Would be great if someone from Intellijel could respond on the proper was to instal this module. I have to really squeeze it in. You can see it’s uneven in the row because it’s so tight and you can pull the module out after squeezing it in without pulling out the cable. Just a hope for the best type situation?

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