Noise coming from 7u Performance case

Hey guys.
I have a 7u 84hp performance case.
And I’m getting a lot of noise from it.
Mostly a hum and some pink noise.
It’s fairly loud.

I have the audio IO 1u module and so the audio comes out of the larger jacks built into the back of the case. However the noise is still apparent when there’s nothing plugged into the 3.5mm eurorack side of the Audio IO.

I’ve been running 2 unbalanced cables out of the large jacks and into the 2 inputs on an earthquaker devices avalanche run v2 for reverb and delay. And then from there 2 unbalanced cables into my interface which accepts both balanced and unbalanced jacks.

I’ve tried swapping the cables that come out of the case to balanced ones going into the avalanche run, but it doesn’t make a difference. But then there’s unbalanced cables coming out of the avalanche run into the interface.

However. If I skip the avalanche run and go straight from the modular into the interface with balanced cables. It’s a lot quieter, still some noise but it’s acceptable.

So my questions are:

  1. what’s best practise for coming out of a 7u case and into this fx pedal? ( I’ve read most guitar pedals are unbalanced connections, but I can’t find any documentation about the inputs and outputs on this particular pedal)

How can I use this pedal with the case and eliminate the noise?

  1. are there any external devices you’d recommend that help with noise, power conditioners, grounding devices or similar?

The Audio IO is meant to be used with the 1/4" case jacks using balanced connectors. Have you tried using balanced cables to and from the Avalanche Run? Also, do you have balanced cables going to your speakers?

A power conditioner may also help, and sometimes simply rearranging the way your devices are connected to power can make a difference. Does the audio interface use an external power supply or rely on bus power from the computer?

This sort of tech support question is best sent to

I suspect an impedance mismatch; should you not be using the Pedal I/O module?