New to this forum

Hello forummembers,

New to this forum. With this patch I want to introduce myself…
Enjoy! (or not ;-))


Oooh that’s pretty! Would you mind sharing some info on your Rainmaker settings and the rest of the patch?

Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

The patch was created to accompany a clarinet. And I used it to show my spouse what someone can do with a single (short) burst of white noise. The patch is briefly explained in the YouTube description .

Rainmaker settings:
Wave: Off
Pat: Rev. Fibonacci
Slope: Rise/Fall
#Taps: 32
Filter: Sitar
Clock: Comb Size
Div: /4

Wave: Off
Div: 1
Grid: 1
Stack: 16/1
Grain: Quant: 4
Grain: Size: 671 ms
Using pitch-shifting per tap to create the “melody”

And most important, I saved the patch as “Ennio Comb” :wink:


Beautiful. Really reminds me of some of the karplus sounds that Autechre uses.

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Thank you for your kind words! If I had one percent of Autechres’ talent… :slight_smile:

I’m curious about the melody part, I’m not sure how you achieve that with the 16 taps, how are you cycling between them?

I used a clockdivider (/4) for the tempo (CLK). And I triggered an ADSR (/128) to open the feedback of the COMB. When the feedback of the delay is all open, you can preserve the short notes (rythmic guitar kind of “sccrtch scrrrrtch”) and the long notes (the string/horn kind of sounds).

Hopefully this is clear enough :slight_smile:

Ah ok, that makes sense.

I guess by this

you actually meant “harmony” ?

I actually meant a very slow melody evolving in harmony :slight_smile:

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I really like to think that this patch gave me the “new user of the month” badge


Wow that’s incredible

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Thank you so kind! And yes, the Rainmaker is incredible :wink:

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Lol, I have a Rainmaker but have never made anything this good with it, this is very inspiring to get me to spend more time getting to grips with it.

Nice! Spending time with it can be very rewarding. One of the things I really enjoy, is faking polyphony with it.

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