New Module: Switched Mult 1U

The Switched Mult 1U is an expandable, dual-bus, 6-jack passive signal multiplier, with a 3-position switch to facilitate asymmetrical routings — enabling each jack to be a mult of the X bus; a mult of the Y bus; or to be turned off entirely.

In addition, each Switched Mult 1U features a pair of 3-pin Link connectors on the rear panel. These let you connect other 3-pin Link devices, such as an XY I/O 1U module, or even additional Switched Mult 1U modules (handy for distributing mults across the width of your case).

Passive (no current draw)
$39 USD
Available now.


Great idea for a module. If there ever is a 1U OR module, this would be an interesting variation to build from, as you could combine triggers/gates and be able to switch them on/off or send to different buses.


A 6hp 3:1 OR could be a handy passive module.


Yes please!!! I love my 2HP OR and been hoping for a 1U version someday.

Any idea when these will be to some stores in the US? Also any chance on some more of the passive LPGs soon? Both of these would put my remaining 22hp on 1U space to good use.

We started filling orders for all shops last week. Also available on our webshop. :slight_smile:

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Will these be available again soon? Really keen on getting a pair for my case :slight_smile: :heart:

Hello, I’ve just installed and tested this 1U module.
I’m feeding a bipolar LFO CV signal to jack 1 on bus X and I want to send it through jacks 3,4,5 and 6 to four different destinations on same X bus.
I noticed that when jacks 3,5 and 6 are active on bus X the CV signal patched on jack 1, they work perfectly fine but, if I also route Jack 4 to bus X the CV signal becomes unipolar (positive) and weaker.
Why is this happening? Is there some break point between jack 3 and 4?
Also, I’m using led cables which clearly show CV activity (red/blue) and, by the way, on Jack 2 I have a second CV source routed to bus Y or off, which it doesn’t look to affect the behavior described above.

Please e-mail and they would be happy to help you troubleshoot. If you can provide a photo of the back and front of the module it would be helpful.

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Try using plain cables, as you may be exceeding the output current capacity of the LFO module that’s driving the signal. I can’t speak to your particular cable, but this LED patch cable claims it uses a 560 ohm resistor along with the LED. Four of those cables connected to a passive multiple like the Switched Mult 1U will be a 140 ohm load - a typical opamp like the TL08x series will not be able to drive that effectively.

Hi, thank you. Led cables are decisive for my applications so sadly I had to return the module. I hope there will be a buffered version for precision CV application, I would be happy to pay more. So for now I’ll stick with my buff mult 1U.

Can someone confirm if Switched Mult is used to route audio signals that whether or not the switches cause clicks?

I’ve tested with a Dixie saw and sub going to X and Y and 1 output and no clicks. I’ve tested using a quad vca for volume and an Outs for my headphone out.

You, and intellijel just made my day! Thanks! x

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