New Dixie2+ Tracking

I have a email in support about this, but no answer for about ten days, probably due to holidays, so I thought I would try here.

I bought a new Dixie2+. I love the sound. However, tracking does not seem right. At one octave intervals from a voltage source (I have tested with 3) it is off about 20 cents, 35 cents for two octaves. It is off by almost the same amount using its octave switch. By contrast my other analog oscillators track to within a few cents at two or even three octaves using the same voltage sources.

First question: Is this common or known? Is this a valid complaint/issue? My ears can hear it and it is frustrating.

Second question: From what I can find online it seems calibration is a bit too complex for a generally non technical person like me, or is it? How often do brand new units need to be calibrated? (okay way more than one question).

Third question: Would it be simpler to return it and get another new Dixie2+.

Just a FYI, but it sits next to a Studio Electronic Oscillation. I foolishly expected them to sound similar, but they are very different in character, even with the same wave forms. I really like both, but the Dixie seems brighter or more clear.

I see your e-mail from Dec 26th and yes most of our staff have been on holliday until next week. I have replied to your e-mail but I will post the same questions here:

  • What is your CV source and how do you know it is accurate?

  • Is your Dixie in LFO or VCO mode (please make sure it is in VCO mode)

  • What is your case + psu?

  • Have you allowed the Dixie time to warm up?

Thanks, I responded by email.