New clock/quantiser idea/request

hi guys! I see that intellijel has several quantisers available, 1U and 3U both. I especially like the concept of the Zeroscope 1U tile. However, I would like a new form of quantisation, both for clocks and audio (or combined with a clock and/or oscillator). I want to have an oscillator set at exactly 60 hz, and a clock in sync with it. Unlike the Zeroscope, I do not want to patch anything in if I can’t avoid it. Is it possible to do this using a display for hz, which could be swapped to bpm if desired? I think I am hoping for a concept similar to the tiptop Z3000, but less expensive, and less dark, and less feature-loaded (just more friendly-looking). Also, along the same lines, is it possible to make an oscillator that runs off of a clock input rather than the 1V/Oct format (I know all of Intellijel’s oscillators have an LFO mode, and I love you guys for that)
Perhaps we could combine all these ideas into a new module? I would totally buy that, even though my theoretical first rack is already out of space—it would cut several modules and stuff, and probably save me money too. @intellijel please make this into a thing!

The Quadrax LFO mode can do this.

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i m so READY for the quadrax!


yes I understand that some intellijel modules can do some of the functions I suggested…but I don’t think that there is a clock that can run at speeds that could be audible yet. I am challenging you guys to take several existing concepts, and yes you have things that exist, but I want more! I want a super-flexible combo!

This concept (Idea: Rissonance (8-voice digital binaural beat drone machine)) seems to parallel some of the things I am asking for but IDK for certain

I think you guys are just holding off because it would require a new screen design :rofl: