New alternate faceplates available for Quadrax and Atlantis!

Go check these beauties at Audio Parasites


I saw this thread & ordered an Atlantis panel from Dan, who was super cool and threw in some extra panels as well. I think the pics speak for themselves but if you are so inclined I highly suggest pimping out your Atlantis!


Well done, looks awesome! and Dan is the best, he’ll look after you.

Gorgeous. I’m a silver guy myself but it’s impossible to deny how sharp these look. :+1:


Dan is definitely a great guy. I just talked to him and he’s getting me hooked up with a lot of dark panels. (Pictures coming soon)

He also said that the plonk dark panel is one of the faceplates he plans on designing next, so keep an eye out for that soon! (I may or may not be getting the first one he does)