New Accessories!

Big update to our Accessories page, with some fun new additions.


New bags look lovely. Any idea what the depth (I.E. thickness) on the 7u 104hp pocket is? Is there some dimension to it, or does it zip pretty much flat?

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Are these going to be shipped out to any dealers in the US? I tried ordering on the website but the shipping was $75 (to Washington DC).

yep, we started shipping to dealers a week before we launched on our site. Covid has really mucked up the international shipping rates. Hoping to open up some more shipping options soon, but not entirely sure we can do much yet. It’ll be a couple weeks before we can sort some of that out.

it zips pretty flat, you could fit some smaller lower profile synths (opz, op1, etc), but nothing bigger; the pocket is really best for cables and power adaptors.

we’re gonna shoot a video with some of the new bags and stuff, but a lot of us are taking a break in the next week or so it may take a minute.

isn’t it PIN and not TIN ? Nice "Art Direction " for the photo, but in my humble opinion picture for Pouch and Dopp should be from a closer perspective.

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Pouch says “placeholder size” and Dopp Bag says “replace with metric”, but they are tins and not pins.

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I take it that the new 62hp palette bag is different than the one for sale on Perfect Circuit? Link: Intellijel Designs Palette Case Gig Bag - Perfect Circuit

edit: or maybe it’s the same?

62 Palette Gig bag is the same as before. The new 104hp Palette Gig Bag has a different fabric, similar design.

Ooops, fixed.

Also finally received the new 4U Palette 104HP Decksavers! Store has been updated (both the Lid page and the Lid/GigBag Bundle)

Looks like they’re still available at Perfect Circuit and Vintage King. Both sites are using old stock photos but I have to assume they have the new ones because I’m pretty sure the old ones had been sold out for a while. I just bought mine from PC. :blush:

Stand corrected :grinning:

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In case anyone wonders, I found out the main compartment of the new 7u gig bags have side panels with enough depth to fit the case with lid attached. (Not just the patch). ordered!

If one were to try to use the 4u 104hp decksavers on one of your old 4u 104hp skiffs, it would fully cover the modules and just have too much space on the 1u side, right? To cover the extra area on the palette that houses the built in utility section that doesn’t exist on the old case?

In other words, it would fully cover the modules but not be a snug fit on the case? Or are there any other sizing issues that make it a poor fit?

I have been trying to find a decksaver-style solution for that old 4u for years lol.

Are these lids going to be shipped out to dealers (specifically in the U.K.)? Not seen any sign of them as of yet and when I asked one they did not really know that it was going to be available.

They are available and dealers have been ordering them. I may send out a reminder e-mail to our dealer list just to be sure they are aware. :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, thank you. I will keep an eye out!

In case anyone else was wondering about whether the new 104hp pallet decksavers can fit on one of the old style 4u x 104hp skiffs, the answer is… yeah, it can fit. But it has to kind of bend a little on the sides to accommodate the thicker frame. And either the top or bottom will overhang a bit with a gap where the decksaver expects the pallet’s utility section to be.

So it’s not ideal, but even so, it’s still a decksaver so it probably looks better than whatever you were covering the case with before, and probably keeps the modules free of dust better, too.