New 1u modules?

There’s some noise on muff this morning about 2 new 1U modules? Duatt and FSR ?

There most be someone with more info around here? :wink:


Loopop seems to have a mystery touch module in his Palette on Polyend video.
Andrew Huang seems to have a Duatt on his Instagram story released a moment about with his new Palette.

This 1U release explosion at the moment is great.


10 Characters of :slight_smile:


I keep going back to this idea of a mini clock 1U that attaches to the 7U case midi board.
Like four jacks… Hella basic… Run/Reset/16th/ClockOut
Would take up a tiny space and would activate those midi jacks on our 2nd Intellijel cases :wink:
Especially having an output that can let the 7U case be the midi clock master.

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Will the LPG make it into the next 1U release?
You have no idea how keen i am for this.
Hope it has a little trick or two up its sleeve to stand out from the other LPG’s.
I keep imagining a cross between the LXD, DLPG and a single channel of the QMMG :slight_smile: