NAMM 2020 expectations?!

What new intellijel products will we see?

I am hoping for a small sized multi-FX kind of thing…as a rainmaker is quite big to fit in a Palette case and the Springray needs external Tanks.

What do you guys think?

Are they going to be there?

seemingly quite prominently featured as well

We’re not going to be at NAMM this year.

Intellijel pre-empted NAMM 2020. Any money I would have spent on NAMM announcements was already spent on Quadrax, a Tetrapad and Tête, when it arrives!


I see thanks for clearing it up!

We had to skp Namm this year but we may be announcing something new nonetheless … :wink: Stay tuned!


I see…rather investing the time into making stuff. I approve!

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