My Palette - ER301 - SY.05 Mini System for Minimal Techno

I’ve made a short video about my use of the Palette, I usually pick some modules to go with Pamela/ER-301 to make a portable groovebox. My previous iteration was sans Steppy and FSR; but those are so fun ! Steppy is really ridiculously powerful for such a tiny module. Perfect in 1U too.

There’s a little of me talking but this is mostly an unpretentious jam.


Love it! In the middle it starts to sound like “the robots” by kraftwerk

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ahah, thanks, love Kraftwerk ! Saw them in 3D this summer :sunglasses:

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Nice work! What are the two smaller modules in the middle?

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Thank you ! The SY0.5 is copy of half the Syncussion and the only sound source here apart from the drum samples (Tanzbär).Next to it is a DPLR delay by WMD/SSF.

What’s between the SYO and Pam’s?

You really got a lot of out a small package there. Sounds excellent!

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Tirana by XOAC, a small 4 steps sequencer that can do ratchets and repeat each steps up to four times. It’s really quite fun. Even in my bigger system I’ve realized I prefer smaller pitch sequencers than the bigger offerings (then again it’s not like i’m doing complex melodic compositions ahah). For this video I left the full range at 10v but it’s easier to dial a nice dissonant melody with the 5v volt setting.

@kamil Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed