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I’ve made a video overview of the Mutamix along with a couple walkthrough videos demonstrating how it can be used to mix audio and CV simultaneously as well as perform step sequencing.


Really cool video! I’m glad we can use the mutamix as a step sequencer. I had a quick question about my mutamix though. After following all the steps I notice on my mutamix that the pitch is accumulative in step sequencer mode.

So say if I raise slider 1 to a note and then I raise slider 2 as well, it actually raises the pitch of both slider 1 & 2, even though they are playing in sequence at different times. Could this be a firmware issue? Thanks

No that’s the correct behaviour.

If you want to step sequence like that, you should make sure that only one channel is active per bus group at a time. Otherwise you will get the voltages of multiple channels adding together.

It can be pretty fun to use 4 steps to sequence using one bus group, and then the other two channels on another group to route modulation.

I am confused to. I got a mutamix recently and have been trying for two days to get my head around this. I’ve read the manual several times, and also watched the video more times than I can remember. Has anyone done a step by step tutorial on how to make it behave like a sequencer? I either get no output, or as some others, all of them at once.
“you should make sure that only one channel is active per bus group at a time. Otherwise you will get the voltages of multiple channels adding together.”
Yes this is made clear in the video, but how?
In the manual it says: “Held Button Press - Holding a button for approximately 1 second activates the labelled functionality of a button.”
But how do I change it? How do I assign a gate or pulse to each step. Yes he sort of shows in the video, but it’s not wherry clear to me what is going on. How long to press each button, and in what order?

Hi Jonase,

This video specifically covers step sequencing with Mutamix:

The important factors to accomplish this are:

  1. Make sure the rear jumper is set to +5V
  2. Check what LED mute mode you are using. The default is to have a channel LED light up when a channel is muted, by holding PULSE when powering up you can have the LED light while a channel is active, which makes more sense visually while step sequencing.
  3. Save a preset on each channel where only that channel is active.
  4. Enter XMODE and send a clock to the CLK input. This should step through the saved presets from left to right.

The “Held button press to activate the labelled function” is while in the regular mode, not in XMODE. GATE/PULSE are exclusive settings, so you can only assign either gate or pulse to a channel at a time, and this determines if it mutes/unmutes as a toggle (PULSE) or if it latches while a gate is sustained (GATE). If you long press GATE it will show you which channels are assigned to gate mode, and if you long press pulse it will show you which ones are assigned to PULSE and adding channels to one will remove them from the other.

I hope that helps!

Hi Scott
I replied this to the email I got from you. I put it here for others to see:

Thank you wherry much for fast response : )
I figured it out eventually. The thing I didn’t get from the video or the manual had to do with how to program each step. That I had to mute the others that I was not working on, how to save and in what order to press the buttons.
But once I got it I found it logical and will easily remember how to do this.
I find the Intellijel videos mostly really good and informative, and also in a strange way quite relaxing and comfortable to listen to, but they tend to as most other good things to be to short or to little, and “Mr Hands” can sometimes be a bit fast.
So I tend to watch segments over and over again before I finally get it. I’m a newbie and first of all a visual artist so it takes some time for me to learn how to think modular.
I will make some instructions for dummies on some modules as a newbie can more easily see where other mortals will encounter difficulties. When I have made a step by step for step sequencing on Mutamix I’ll let you know.

Mutamix is my first Intellijel btw.

Thanks again, sincerely

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Glad to hear you got it working Jonase!

Mutamix was a fairly early video for us, so we were still working out pacing and timing and such. When I make the videos, I always try to balance keeping things informative while keeping things interesting. I’ll try to remind “Mr Hands” to slow down!

I wouldn’t mind a bit slower, but it also have to work for native speakers and Mr Hand to, but thanks for listening.

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