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Mutamix Videos


I’ve made a video overview of the Mutamix along with a couple walkthrough videos demonstrating how it can be used to mix audio and CV simultaneously as well as perform step sequencing.


Really cool video! I’m glad we can use the mutamix as a step sequencer. I had a quick question about my mutamix though. After following all the steps I notice on my mutamix that the pitch is accumulative in step sequencer mode.

So say if I raise slider 1 to a note and then I raise slider 2 as well, it actually raises the pitch of both slider 1 & 2, even though they are playing in sequence at different times. Could this be a firmware issue? Thanks


No that’s the correct behaviour.

If you want to step sequence like that, you should make sure that only one channel is active per bus group at a time. Otherwise you will get the voltages of multiple channels adding together.

It can be pretty fun to use 4 steps to sequence using one bus group, and then the other two channels on another group to route modulation.