Mutamix pseudo log curve jumpers

Have any one any idea how to set the rear jumpers for pseudo log curve on Mutamix?

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It looks like the mutamix, from what I can tell, is only linear. The jumper settings on the back only dictate whether the the inputs are normalled to +5v or not. Logarithmic scaling would be nice for audio mixing, but that would be a firmware thing. I don’t know if the way the circuits are set up would allow it, but I think they should.

+1 for adjustable scaling! If I’d known how much more mixing power I could have used, and if the mutamix had had adjustable scales, I would have seriously considered it. I’d get one now if it had that feature.

I have two Mutamix modules, the punchiest Eurorack audio mixer.
I really would like to know this jumper settings. It is described on the product page as pseudo log fader curve via rear jumpers but the manual doesn’t say how.

Where are you seeing that?

Every page that has its features says this (3rd item)

  • Skiff friendly
  • 6 led linear sliders for input attenuation control (leds can be easily replaced with other colors, they just slide out).
  • Jumpers to select pseudo log curve (instead of linear)
  • All muting realised via vcas opening/closing
  • 6 audio/cv inputs
  • 6 mute/function inputs (depends on mode)
  • 6 three way bus routing switches.
  • 3 audio/cv bus outputs
  • 2 linear master output level controls.
  • 6 control buttons + status led
  • Header to normal hexvca output to the 6 inputs (same as mutagen).