Mutamix connections

Does anyone know if any module other than the Linix can be connected to the mutamix

Not to my knowledge. I don’t think any other module used that connection header.

Ok, thank you

I use my two Mixups connected to my Mutamix using female to female breadboard jumpers. Works fine once you figure out what goes to what.


Thanks Phitar,

I did that with my intellijel midi port into the Disting ex. If you ever have it out of the case a picture of the configuration of the jumpers would be helpful. Cheers.

Right now all my stuff is in boxes in storage while I wait for my new home to become available mid-July. Caught your post about two days after I packed it, sorry. Can tell you this right off the top of my head… There are six two pin pcb jumpers on the board that correspond to the six inputs from (1) left to (6) right one the signal (hot, tip) the other is ground or return. IIRC the top is the hot. Try plugging in your desired input to a channel that way. Don’t think you would hose anything by applying line to euro level outputs to those inputs… If it’s safe for a front panel jack input it should be ok for the pcb jumpers too.