Mutamix channel clipping

Hi, I’ve just bought a secondhand Mutamix and it seems like the inputs to the channels clip very harshly and (what I consider to be) very early.
My Hexinverter Mutant Bassdrum always clips it out (through the clean path) and I have to take it through a VCA or a compressor to make it work the way that I would expect it to.
This clipping appears to be at the input as it occurs regardless of where the channel slider is. I can’t turn the lsider down to get rid of it.
The input normals jumper is set to GND (not 5v).
Other mixers, like Veils, Xerest Pola or the Ladik M-173 don’t clip with these signals.
Does it sound like the module is working correctly?

Might be helpful if you can send a link to a video to

It would also be helpful to know the full chain. It’s a while since I’ve used Mutamix, but I don’t remember it having issues with clipping easily. When you say it clips on the inputs, do you mean the slider position doesn’t have an effect on the clipping?

Correct. The slider position doesn’t have any effect on the clipping.
I’ll make a video and send it to them.