Multi-FX 3U Version

Hello Intellijel!
Any plans on a 3U version of the Multi-FX?
I’m sure this was floating around in the forum at some point but figured I’d see what everyone’s interest might be in this (and in turn possibly becoming a reality).

Getting a case together for a show this week and had to leave it out since other 1U modules are taking priority. It would be great to have a 3U version and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who would happily own a 1U AND 3U version :wink:



It might be cool to have adapter panels so you could mount 1U modules in 3U panels.
I think a 3U panel that is 20 HP wide could mount a 1U module that is 24 hp wide (now tall).
But it would be sideways. That OK as I am always sideways anyhow.

There are 1U to 3U adapters. You can install 1U modules up to 22hp.

One could also make an adapter that will take three 1U modules horizontally below each other and make it as wide as desired.

Having original 3U Intellijel faceplates to adapt their 1U modules would be most elegant, of course.

These look like a cool option. Def super keen on an actual 3U version though (if there’s enough interest obv)!


I have two Multi FXs, lots of advantages with that: chrorus to reverb, stereo delay, delay to reverb etc. I too am realizing it will be hard to keep two Multi FXs in my 104 HP case.

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Dusting off this thread. Anyone else out there find themselves thinking a 3U version of the Multi-FX would rule?
I feel like a 3U form factor would make a lot of sense vs the 1U gobbling up space for other 1U magic.