Moving on

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be moving on to a new gig, so this will be my last week at Intellijel. It’s been really great seeing this forum grow into into an enthusiastic and supportive community! I’ll still be lurking around here and Modwiggler, but I definitely won’t be so active.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what I get up to, I’ll be posting the occasional noodle and tutorial on my Youtube page here:
I’m on Instagram as @ScottMFR, but my feed is only maybe a third synth related. The other two thirds consist of my birds and nature shots.

I’ve also recently started doing synth tutoring over Zoom, which has been a lot of fun! My home system (not surprisingly) features a lot of Intellijel modules, so if you’re looking to get better acquainted with a module or want to get some new ideas of how to patch feel free to reach out to me at if you want to discuss setting up a session.



Subscribed…thank you for your input and service! :clap: :clap:


Thanks @r_omega!

Scott - Thanks so much for all the support over the past years.
Thanks to the pandemic, we never got to meet up in Vancouver - maybe another time…
I wish you the best in your new endeavour!

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Will miss you around here bud.

:sob: :sob: :sob:


Thanks for all your support Scott.

Who’s your replacement? :wink:

Thanks @cackland!

@monosynth will be taking over my tech support and web store responsibilities.

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Thanks so much Scott for your patience and really awesome customer support. You’ll be missed… Good luck on your next projects!

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Sad to hear but wishing you great joy and success in your next gig!

Thanks for all the help. You were instrumental in making Intellijel one of my favorite manufacturers.

PS-if you could grab a 7u 104 silver performance case for me on your way out, I would appreciate it! A former mentor always said you can do whatever you want on your last day!


Thanks for everything Scott. In my short time in the modular world you have been a mainstay of wisdom and clarity. I think we all have gained much from your contributions.

p.s. The Busy Bees performance is still one of the best modular performances I have seen on YT. Well done sir!


Thanks for your kind words!

Good to know, @ima_jrk, I’ll keep that in mind!

That’s really nice to hear @reacpitch! I’ve actually got another bee themed video that I’ll be posting soon. Just need to edit it…

It was always good to know that ScottMFR could help us. We will miss you and hope your future adventures are fun and profitable.

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Thanks for your help in getting my Rubicon2 serviced and your attention to all the right details.
You will be missed.

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