Moving connected cases

I have two 104HP 7U cases with connectors. I love the cases but am also keen to play at various local venues. Has anyone found a good way to transport two cases without unpatching the connections between each case?

I would love to see some sort of hinged connector that I could use like the current case connector on my desk but then I could also fold the cases face to face (without the lids) so I could transport without unpatching.

Ive gotta believe that others must face similar problems to this so I’d love to know if you ahem come up with any cunning ideas to resolve?

That’s one of the things our new Octalink 1U module plans to solve. You’ll be able to do up to 8 connections between the cases using a single ethernet cable.

Ah - well that would definitely help. 8 probably won’t be enough but its a good start.

Any plans on a physical hinged case connector type of thing?

Not at the moment. It would be of pretty limited use since they would be quite bulky, wouldn’t fit in our carrying bags, etc.