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Most Essential 1U Modules

Just got an Intellijel 7U 104HP Performance case. I’d love to know what folks think are the most essential 1U modules.

Some background- I’ve been using an Elektron Analog Four mk2 and Octatrack Mk2 with a 3U 104 skiff. I wouldn’t mind doing some performance stuff with just the Octatrack and 7U as my focus is more on sampling and sound design than synthesis. Just got a Morphagene and Nebulae v2 for options there. I can do a little sequencing with Pam’s and a Varigate 4+ as well. Here’s my setup at the moment…very much subject to change!

I’m thinking uMidi, Quadratt and Noise Tools up top. Could also be cool to get io for some of my nicer pedal effects.
So what are your most essential 1U modules?

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This is how I have mine arranged:

Quadratt is a pretty essential module. µMIDI works great with the Octatrack and opens up parameter locking via the MOD and CC outputs. Steppy is super fun and powerful to use. I can see it working great with your BIA, Nebulae and MG, but I guess Pam’s might make it less necessary.

If you don’t care about input, you could just get the new Stereo Outs 1U module instead of the Audio IO 1U. In my case I need the inputs because mine is an effects processing rig. Lately I’ve been using the Cue outputs from the OT to the modular as a send/return loop and it’s worked quite well.

Oh wow, I’d love to hear more about you go about this! I’m brand spanking new to modular and though I’ve had my Octatrack nearly a year, I haven’t messed with the cue at all :confused:

For my latest liveset I definitely delved into the OT more. I started using Track 8 as a master, which opens up the possibility of sampling the main output and looping it to transition from bank to bank (Look up the Terekith Crossfader Trick for a walkthrough of this).

The Master and Cue config can both be found in the Control-Audio menu. When Cue CFG is set to studio, you can hold the CUE button and adjust track level to set the amount of a track sent through the Cue outputs. So I send those outputs to the Audio inputs on my modular, then take my modular’s outputs and bring them in on one of the input pairs on the Octatrack and leave the volume up on the mixer. That way I can always hear when the modular’s doing something. Plus I can sample those inputs onto any of the OT tracks if I want.

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I think it totally depends on your needs, but just for another data point, I have:

Audio IO
Buffered Mult
Headphone Out
2x Quadratt

I tend to agree about the Quadratt being essential - it’s a really nice thing to have (which is why I have 2, I guess!) I’m often tempted to replace one of them with Steppy 1U though.


This is my rig as of today…

Some changes will be made. I’m not a huge fan of the Varigate 4+, but haven’t decided what to replace it with, just as one example.

Most important:

  1. IO for 7U case.
  2. Quadratt
  3. Buffered Mult

If we ever see the 1U VCA, I’d put that above the buffered mult. Shakmat is also coming out with some 1U modules including a CV octave shifter. Though it’s possible that it’ll be under the Intellijel brand… their 1U VCA looks very similar to Intellijel.

My rack… 2 7U 104s and 1 4U 104.

Cool setup! So far I have
Noise Tools

But I really don’t know what I’m doing yet :slight_smile:

I will say Steppy is awesome for punching out quick drum patterns. I just put it in the case today, so I’m sure I’ll find more cool features, but without glancing at a manual or tutorial, I was making cool patterns instantly. Pretty cool!