Morgasmatron or 2x Polaris

Which would you prefer to have and why: the Morgasmatron or two Polaris modules?

Completely different sound for each of them, despite having a similar set of filter modes. The Morgasmatron is more aggressive / gritty sounding whereas the Polaris is kind more smooth / buttery, at least that is how I think of them.

I’m definitely looking for more of a smooth sounding filter so it sounds like the Polaris is for me.

All of the official Intellijel Morgasmatron videos I’ve seen have been very gritty but I wasn’t sure if the demonstrator was just pushing the drive to show it’s grittiness or if that was the natural sound of it.

I mean, it can do undistorted tones too, it’s just that it has a bit more of a raw character and especially once you turn the resonance up a bit and start sweeping the cutoff around it just has a harsher quality to it. Kind of reminiscent of the Korg MS filters. The Polaris sounds more like the classic smooth Roland filters. Neither is really a clone of those but their names kind of allude to the nature of their sound.

I see that polaris is Latin for ‘heavenly’ which I can understand, now that you say it is more smooth sounding, but could you elaborate the allusion Morgasmatron represents?

Well, Morgasmatron was named after the Korgasmatron II, which was named after the Korgasmatron. We added more features, like the distortion and phase invert, hence the More :wink: