Module Wishlist


I’m fairly new to eurorack and this forum, but I’m in the process of putting together my first rack (palette case) using only intellijel modules. I just love the simple, but functional design of intellijel.
What struck me during my research though is the lack of FX processors. Of course, there is the rainmaker, which seems cool…but not for a small case. There is the Digitank and the springray…but that’s where it ends. I think a more versatile FX module (and some saplemangling) could expand the possibility of a small case immensely.

I saw there is a 1U module wishlist, but I think a “general” module wishlist would make sense as well.

So I kick it off with:

6-12HP Multi-FX module

basically something similar to this is what I’d like :wink:
…just from intellijel