“_____{module} Availability” Posts

Please guys just stop making posts asking about module availabilities. Because of Covid, semiconductors (you know, those things that are used to make literally every eurorack module?) are in short stock. Most modules made by Intellijel are out of stock. It’s annoying. I get it. But almost any other popular company is also going to be out of stock.

Several threads have been created recently. The answer is the same every time: “we don’t know when stuff will be back in stock, and we wouldn’t post a date if we did know because stuff is always changing. Go look on wigglerhunt.”

People never seem to be satisfied with that answer. But please, I beg of you, stop asking.


Why not simply changing the “Coming soon” button on the concerned modules?
It’s misleading and triggers legitimate questions when some ordered their modules 7 months ago. At that point, I’m pretty sure that a better estimation than “coming soon” exists.

NE’s website displayed a red banner to advertise customers of shipping and manufacturing delays. Each companies have been affected on a different level and there’s no shame letting people know what to expect. In fact it reinforce the customers’ trust in the company and help them to be patient.

On the Intellijel web store, the Coming soon button does not let you order when the product is in that state (does it?).

So if I understand, and someone ordered 7 months ago from a dealer, that really sucks, but it’s up to the dealer to manage their button status, and whether they accept pre-orders with zero info on ETA. Many do.

One tidbit we have been hearing (in the threads that Steve-the-player referred to): Intellijel is prioritising dealers (over their own web-store) to receive re-stocks until supply flows are closer to normal. So the Intellijel web-store may not the first place to look for a status change anyway, whether or not Coming Soon is the best current label for the product in question.

My impression is if the dealer doesn’t have a tracking number from Intellijel or if we haven’t been coincidentally tipped off on this forum that a product came through HQ for testing, the ETA is a wild guess, and I would personally ask for my pre-order to be refunded/re-allocated rather than float them the cash for a theoretical place in line.


Indeed, that’s what happened in my case. I don’t say intellijel is responsible of everything, it’s a three party dance after all. As my dealer received no news from Intellijel (as I was told, several times, since last November) and I couldn’t find anything else but the “Coming soon” on the website.

It might sounds rude to some but asking on the forum if there’s a batch planned seems pretty much okay.

Unfortunately, where I live, I don’t have plenty of choice concerning dealers. Many modules have to be pre-ordered and some can’t. So I don’t have any other choice than waiting.

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yea…I see now how one could end up invested in that status button… and I’ve always wondered whether “Coming soon” was a remnant of the product’s launch (or indicates fresh inventory); there is some ambiguity there, too. If I remember correctly, a website section is planned for “Legacy” products, which I equate to be the brand language for “there is officially not going to be another batch”.

Generally, I’m with you. The forum is exactly for this kind of thing. Site feedback is a full-on forum Category.

OP makes a welcome point though… collectively asking the same question for a different module every few days is not achieving much except “venting” and in current times, the answer could be inferred with a quick search for “availability”.