µMod III?

Is there any chance of a µMod III coming out? Just wondering as µMod seems to be quite useful yet it’s discontinued. Is it made obsolete by other intellijel modules, or did it just not sell well enough?

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uMod was never a big seller for us but I personally found that module to be quite useful.

I would definitely consider making an updated version of it, especially since it could be handy to process outputs from Quadrax to derive more functions.

Any feature requests?


Hi Danjel,
Thanks for taking the time to answer! The only feature upgrade I can think of right now is a CV in for modulation of the main Quadrant knob. But I doubt that would fit space wise…I like the 6HP formfactor.
Otherwise I can’t think of anything, as I am quite a modular noob :slight_smile:

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I would also love a new version, My biggest thing would be to have “through” outputs so you don’t lose the original clean envelope/cv source, simultaneous unaffected AND analog logic outs would be awesome, so you don’t need to mult your signal into the uMod to maintain an unaffected signal for use elsewhere

Count me in as well, an updated uMod II would make my day. This module is underrated as heck, and I currently have one sitting proudly right between my function generators and my Quad VCA for the exact purpose you’re describing.

Here are my thoughts on what would get me excited about a uMod III:

– The ability to invert incoming signals, e.g., having attenuverters for each input instead of just attenuators, or have an inversion switch. (Right now I have a Quad Inverter sitting next to the uMod II for this very purpose.)

– Normalize unused inputs to 5 or 10V, which you can then scale back with the attenuator/attenuverters.

– Implement clamping. This would probably require another couple of inputs for the high/low clamping limits.

– If you want to get fancy, you can add a sample/track and hold.

I bought a uMod II in 2015, then sold it in 2019.
Within 6 months I bought another one.
One feature, well a big complicated feature would be 2 RMs in the same module with various internal modulator waveforms available if there were none patched in (ala Warps) and a crossfader to mix the two (ala Bifold).
Maybe this is something that should be patched up with a number of modules, but it would probably be useful.
It would give it a new type of sound.

Gee, I guess it would be just as easy to crossfade the modulator waveforms before the ring modulator.
However, simply having a normalled internal modulator available might be a good feature.
……(with two waveforms and a crossfader)…DOH !

An updated uMod would be great. I never understood why it wasn’t a hit. When I’m not using it for ring mod duties (IMO the best sounding one in euro) it makes a great CV manipulator.

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Reviving this thread. I love my uMod but it would be interesting to get the sort of combo modes from the shapeshifter in an analog way (if that is possible). I know about the analog logic on the uMod but a sort of analog Plog maybe?