Im not sure if im doing it wrong… But with my MixUps, I only seem to be able to use the “L” side of input 3 and 4.
I have sent a signal to both L and R and only L seems to be working… Is their a party trick I dont know about.

I have 3 Mixup’s linked together

Hi Frank,

The left input should be normalled to the right on both inputs 3 and 4. Is that the case with all 3 of your Mixups?

You should probably send an e-mail to support@intellijel.com

I was confused by exactly this at a performance last Thursday night.
I retured the stereo reverb to CH 3 L + R and only the L was coming out.

It wasn’t until after the performance that I realized that I was only connecting L from the last Mixup, and only connecting L to the mixer.
I wasn’t in stereo, so nothing from the R channel was reporting… hard pan.

Not sure if this is case for you or not, but it makes a great case @kamil and @Danjel not only for how blind I can be in the dark, but also for the need for a PANup expander for the Mixup!
Hopefully this is what was happening and there’s nothing wrong with your Mixup(s)

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Yep thats what I was doing wrong


I actually have a different issue – I recently obtained a mixup, and it seems that channel 2 output only comes out of the right channel – is there some normalization that I need to do something about here, or is this a defect?

Responded to your support inquiry. Ch2 should definitely go to both outputs.

no inputs one and two do not have normalling. 1 is a hard pan left, with independent volume control. 2 is a hard pan right, with independent volume control. 3 is normalled from left to right, and have a linked volume control knob. 4 is normalled from left to right with no volume control.

No, that’s not correct @Steve-the-player. Inputs 1 and 2 are both mono, but they are not panned and go evenly to the L & R outputs. Inputs 3&4 are stereo with the left normalled to the right. You’re correct about 3 having a linked volume control and 4 having no volume control.