Mixup & Phones in 104hp Case

I just bought the 104hp case and Phones 1U (version 2), and would like to use both the fullsize Mixup and 1U Phones inline with two of the 1/4" jacks.

Is there some way to hook these up inline so the Phones captures the output of Mixup then passes it on to the jacks?

Will I need the X/Y I/O 1U module in between to bridge the two?

The only output Headphones 1U has is the TRS out, so there is no way to connect it in series as you described. Either use patch cables between Mixup and Headphones 1U (and the 3-pin cable between Mixup and the case), or make a 3-pin Y-cable to split Mixup’s output.

I don’t fully understand what X/Y I/O 1U is capable of, so I might be wrong here, but I don’t think it provides the functionality you’re looking for.

Thanks for your reply. I have decided to get the Stereo Out 1U and wire that into the Phones, and I’ll just have to run cables from the Mixup to the Stereo Out.

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Yes, that’s the best solution!

Thanks! Here’s the rack in modulargrid, I’m just waiting for Noise, FSR, and Out 1U modules to come into stock and it will be nicely filled :slight_smile:

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Nice looking system! Personally, I’d say Morgasmatron and Polaris, plus Quadrax and Dual ADSR might be a bit redundant. Planar 2 instead of Dual ADSR would be my recommendation. And maybe Springray 2 instead of Polaris?

A batch of Noise Tools 1U is going through testing right now, so those should be shipping soon at least.

Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

I have a Planar2, Scaler, and Tete waiting for a Tetrapad in a separate rack that will be smaller and moving around controlling any of my modular or semi-modular synths.

Good idea on the Springray, I’ve mainly been using the Polaris for the phaser.

Would love to hear any other suggestions on what I could replace the Dual ADSR with, and how to fill out this control-oriented rack :slight_smile:

(I’ll probably start a new thread about the control rack emptiness)

Screenshot 2021-10-13 095431