Mixup output to Stereo FX pedal

Specifically a Mixup with 1/8 to 1/4 ts cables into line in of a Strymon Volante with the switch on the pedal in line level mode and then to a mixer, can it be done without worrying about clipping the inputs of the pedal too much?

Eurorack level is much hotter than line level so you’ll have to keep your volume lower than usual to avoid clipping the Volante. You’ll also want to keep your cable run short to avoid noise.

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Understood, thank you. So if the output of the Mixup is eurorack level what happens if I connect the Mixup to a Palette case output? I know the signal remains unbalanced but does the connection attenuate the signal to line level?
I ask this because I know that most of the output modules Intellijel makes are balanced and it makes sense because balanced connections are less problematic (noise, etc…) and I do have a pedal IO (and it’s fantastic!) but what I’m looking for is an unbalanced line level stereo output solution preferably with a Mixup involved because I really like that mixer.

No, there is no conversion that takes place if you connect the Mixup to the case jacks in the Palette or 7U so it will still output eurorack level. You’ll just have to keep your levels lower or pad whatever you’re sending it to.

Thank you, I will make some tests this weekend. Just bought a new Triplatt also so it should be an interesting session.
Again thank you for your time :grinning:

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No worries @mattmatt! You can also reach out to support@intellijel.com if you need technical assistance.

Is there a way to connect the Mixup via an internal connection to one of the output 1u modules, which themselves connect to the jacks, in such a way that it does do the proper level attenuation, and also retains the stereo signal path?

No, at this point there is no such option.