Mixup/µJack bus connectors

Is it possible to connect the output from a Mixup directly to the input of a µJack using the bus connectors? I know the product info says that Mixup’s connector is for chaining multiple Mixups and µJack’s is for receiving audio from Dubmix or Azimuth, but aren’t they all just interchangeable stereo audio signals? Would be nice if you could set up a mixup that’s normalled to the output…

I’m pretty sure this would not work.

The µJack has a 6-pin connector while the Mixup is a 2-pin ribbon cable. Unfortunately it’s a different configuration.

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You could do it if you fashioned your own adapter cable


Ah, I see! Thanks for clearing that up! :slight_smile:

That would be a nice little accessory! hint, hint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry to bump this thread, but was wondering how this adapter cable could be fashioned? Interested in making this.

Is there Pin diagrams for both the mixup and UJack 6 pin header

I succesfully linked the two using male-female jumpers in the same color as the cable included with the mixup…




Thanks for this dugw …
I just can’t see where the black cable is going from the pic…
is it, looking at the pins on the back of uJack



( R)ed
X Pin

Correct. Black is under the red.

I should add that removing the jumpers that come on the ujack to use these pins breaks the normalization of the front Left -> Right input jack.

Just picked up a Mixup, to replace a uJack. It’s sitting next to an Azimuth which was connected with the 6-pin ribbon.

What’s the official pin-out on the 6-pin ribbon, and what levels do the Azimuth produce and the Mixup expect? I’m assuming modular levels throughout (the line out 1U being an end of chain that outputs line levels to the 7U’s rear jacks).

I’ve found the official pin-out for the Mixup/chainable stereo which nicely is a fairly simple three wire cable.


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With Azimuth, it’s just the bottom 3 pins that are used and they follow the same pinout configuration as Mixup. This means it’s possible to connect the two by connecting the 3-pin Link cable to the bottom 3 pins on Azimuth without any need for an adaptor. This would then go to the CHAIN-IN on Mixup which would be summed with the main mix at the LR outputs and also be sent to the CHAIN-OUT.

Glad you asked, because I didn’t realize this was the case!

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Awesome, thanks guys!

Hi Scott,

As a redux to this, am I right in assuming I can go the other way, and connect a uJack to a Mixup using the same pinout? What do I do with the jumpers on the uJack?

I’m loving the Mixup so much, want one in my drum case now :woozy_face:


Good question! I’d have to do some tests to answer that for sure, but it seems likely.

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