Mixup Giveaway!

We are giving away a Mixup! You can enter the contest here

Contest ends Dec 31 at midnight.

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I suppose the question is supposed to be either a bot detector or there for legal purposes but it’s actually ambiguous because operator precedency would lead to one result but I guess the desired result is the one that ends up with a result that is an integer and that would mean having the add operator having precedence over the divide operator, which is not the case in anything I’ve encountered so far… :slight_smile:

Am I right ? Should I enter the integer result or the “proper” one ?

I’ll definitely want a Mixup at some point as it’s got a great set of features for a small footprint so any chance to get one for free is definitely welcome and I don’t want to waste my chance :smile:

I would not worry about it too much :wink:

We have to do this skill testing question based on Canadian Laws: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skill_testing_question