Mixup Chaining Volume Issue

Hello friends,

When I use the 3pin connectors to internally route the output of one Mixup to another, the volume is decidedly lower than if I chain them using patch cables.

This is also true when connecting the mixup to the 2nd gen Headphones 1u.

Is it because it’s an unbalanced connection (only three wires means the stereo signal
is splitting the ground, maybe?)

Units housed and powered by Intellijel 84hp 7u

@ScottMFR what’s your take on this? Planning to buy a second mixup.

It’s hard to beat the functionality of the Mixup and they play great together, regardless of the fact that the internal chaining isn’t great. In fact - that’s essentially what the 2nd stereo input is for.

That said, Im planning to get rid of mine (+ a Triatt & Quad VCA) in order to simplify my mono bus. If you’d like to buy any of those, shoot me a direct message.

thanks. got the triplatt and the quad vca in my rack also.

The mixup CHAIN IN and CHAIN OUT are done as unity, stereo sums. There should be no volume drop.

Perhaps the issue you are experiencing relates to mono vs. stereo?

When you use the jacks and the signal is mono it gets normalled to both inputs. If you have a mono signal on the chain cables then it stays mono and on the side it is connected to (no L -> R normalling).

The chain signals are unbalanced. They are simply L, Gnd and R so there is no issue of a half-legged signal (missing one half of a balanced signal).

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Thanks for the reply @Danjel. Will pick up a second one.

I’ve never had any issues with Mixup chaining reducing the volume level.

@Danjel -

Are you saying that the mono signals present in a Mixup are passed through both of the L/R outputs at unity, effectively doubling their volume? Perhaps a more elegant solution would be to send the output M/S and have the 1U stereo out act as an M/S->stereo decoder?

One of the best parts of the Eurorack experience is being able to interact and ask questions of the folks who make the modules in real time. I’m so appreciative that you and @ScottMFR answered my post and it will go a long way towards my continued purchase, use and proselytization of all things Intellijel.

Thank you.

Using the chain to propagate M/S signals is a really clever idea! The down side to Mid/Side decoding/encoding is it uses a lot more circuitry and it would be a challenge to fit onto this particular module. It is definitely something to consider if we ever make a lineup of bigger, more feature rich mixer modules.

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