Mixup and 4MS Listen Up combo

Heya fam,

Anyone out there ever use a Mixup module with the 4MS Listen Up in/out jack module?

This one:

Seems like a potentially good combo if using a non Intellijel case (might make a tiny mostly-mixer-vibe case).

Thanks for any input!

The 4ms mixer works perfect with the Intellijel case and products. I currently have mine connected to Intellijel’s new 1/8” XY 1U jacks. I’ve previously had my 4ms wired to the ins/outs jacks on my 7U palette. You could also daisy chain it to a mixup with no issues. The pin diagrams are available in both the Intellijel and 4ms manuals.


Thanks so much! Awesome!

Which means the 4ms wav recorder is a go for Intellijel cases

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