Mixing 1U Audio I/O with V2 7U Jacks & 1U Headphone out?

Hey folks! I’m wondering if this is possible:

1: Connect my (legacy) Audio I/O 1U to my (new/V2) jack board, center connector.
2: Connect my 1U Headphone output to the link connector on the output side of the jack board? (Presumably I’d remove the normalling jumper from the headphone output as well.)

From what I can tell, the link connectors are basically a ground wire and left/right (or one per jack), whereas the 10 pin connector would be carrying balanced signals, like the following (in no particular order)

  • In L+
  • In L-
  • In R +
  • In R-
  • Input Gnd
  • Out L+
  • Out L-
  • Out R+
  • Out R-
  • Output Gnd

It seems like connecting up the headphone output module to the link connector would work, though I also imagine it could potentially do weird things with the balanced signal (especially if actually using balanced cables)? And, maybe could lead to impedance weirdness?

But, If I’m sticking with unbalanced cables, is this a usable solution, at least until I eventually replace my 1U Audio I/O with the two newer I and O modules?

The Link connector on Headphones 1U is an Input not an Output so it would not receive any signal from the Output Link header on the Audio Jacks board.

If the 7U jack board is passive, wouldn’t the (probably) center pin for the two audio output jacks be connected to the appropriate pins on the associated 3-pin link port?

(Though, again, the whole balanced/unbalanced thing seems iffy!)

Obviously the “right thing to do” is to replace my older 1U Stereo I/O, but it does seem like a waste of a perfectly functional module just to regain a few HP and get a signal mirrored to the headphones without using mults (or splitters).