MIDI via Gate and CV

Why does actually no Manufacture of Eurorack use the Gate and CV-lines at the Busboards as a MIDI-Bus? (at least acording to my knowledge)
Are there any Technical issues except from the opto coupling /galvanic isolation between the datasignals? Wouldnt it be the perfect preset system in combination with midi program change messages? Does some one know more about this. I would love to see modules which are capable of switching presets by Midi program changes, except from the Hermod, or some other rare exceptions (Mostly Sequencers). There should be a Eurorack Serial Bus Communication! :smiley:


I have also been wondering about this. Surprised after getting into the Eurorack format that more folks aren’t taking advantage of being able to send cv/gate/etc through busboards. Malekko does it and it works great, I think the Erica Synths Techno System does it as well?

As far as I know they also use theier own Bus-System with 3 or 6 wires. I soldered the headers to the Drum sequencer for a friend of mine, just a few weeks ago. As far as i can remember it just was the Gate Signals and GND or 5V. So no “real” Serialdatalines included here.